​ I think if you do something for a very long time and you love it so much you want to expand this part of your life. So the only natural thing was to become a yoga instructor. ​

I am registered with Yoga Alliance Professional in UK.


I'd like to give as much as I can and share what I know in a way that people understand how amazing yoga is. Experiencing new views and ideas let me to recreate myself constantly and go with the flow. I like the idea of constant change and movement. What I am afraid the most is stagnation..

Power Yoga is a flowing sequence of asanas (postures) with a music in a background. It usually starts with sun salutations so each movement is taken with each inhale or exhale. Unlike Ashtanga, postures that are coming next in a sequence are in mixed order. Each posture is held for few breaths and from time to time they are connected with flow introduced at the start. Intensity of Power Yoga class may change from intense to gentle Yoga flow. It is a great way of strengthening your body and working on your balance. ​ ​